Skin Tumor Team (Yanagi and Kitamura)

The purpose of this research team is to elucidate the pathophysiology of skin malignancies such as malignant melanoma, cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, and lymphoma. In 2015, Dr. Yanagi returned from studying in the United States and joined the skin surgery team coached by Dr. Hiroo Hata (currently director of the Hata Dermatology Skin Care Clinic) to begin his research. Surgical treatment is the main approach in treating skin malignancies, but systemic therapy such as chemotherapy is required for advanced or metastatic cases. Although the efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors has been proven in many malignancies, their effects are limited and further treatment development is necessary. The tumor research team is searching for new treatment targets through extensive experimentation using abundantly accumulated tumor samples. From 2016 to 2020, Dr. Shinya Kitamura joined this research group and obtained his doctorate. Since then, Dr. Kitamura has been a leader of the Skin Surgery Group, and remains fully committed to both clinical research and surgical guidance. Keiko Tokuchi, Takuya Maeda, and Yu Weng joined us in 2020, and Che-yuan Hsu joined us in 2021. We would like to make efforts to achieve research results that can be returned to clinical sites while taking use of clinical specimens.

Major research results since 2016


Laboratory Introduction