Skin Stem Cell Team(Natsuga)

In the Skin Stem Cell Team, we focus on the epidermal stem cells and their behaviors. We conduct research on inflammatory skin diseases including psoriasis, skin cancer, wound healing, and aging. Additionally, we are working on elucidating the pathology and developing treatments for rare and intractable diseases such as epidermolysis bullosa and pachyonychia congenita. Along with the four faculty members, Ken Natsuga, Mika Watanabe, Shota Takashima, and Takuya Maeda, the team includes Hideyuki Kosumi (who obtained his PhD degree in 2022), Yosuke Mai (who obtained his PhD degree in 2022), Keiko Tokuchi (who obtained her PhD degree in 2023), Takuma Nohara, Takashi Seo, and Emi Inamura.

Major research results since 2016


Laboratory Introduction