Skin Stem Cell Team(Natsuga)

The Skin Stem Cell Team is working to analyze skin epithelial stem cells and their behavior, and to elucidate their association with skin diseases, wound healing, and aging. We are also working to elucidate the pathophysiology of rare and intractable diseases such as epidermolysis bullosa and pachyonychia congenita. Past members include Mika Watanabe (Graduated in 2017, currently at the University of Turin), Yu Fujimura (Graduated in 2021, currently at KKR Sapporo Medical Center), Shota Takashima (Graduated in 2019 [Under the guidance of Associate Prof. Shinkuma at Nara Medical University], currently at UCSD), and Yunan Wang (Graduated in 2021). Current members are Hideyuki Kosumi (Graduated in 2022), Yosuke Mai (Graduated in 2022; concurrent with the Autoimmune Blistering Diseases Research Team), Keisuke Imafuku (Graduated in 2022 [Under the guidance of Prof. Iwata at Gifu University]), Takuma Nohara, and Takashi Seo.

Major research results since 2016


Laboratory Introduction