Skin Immunity Team (Ujiie)

The skin immunity team is working to elucidate the mechanism of breakdown of immune tolerance in the skin using samples from aging mice, disease model animals, and patients with autoimmune blistering disease. We are also conducting research on the pathogenicity of autoreactive T lymphocytes and eosinophils in bullous pemphigoid and the pathophysiology of drug-induced pemphigoid. We also use the outpatient clinic for blistering diseases as a platform for a variety of clinical studies. In addition, we are conducting fundamental research on alopecia areata and vitiligo vulgaris. Our members are Ken Muramatsu (studying abroad), Takamasa Ito (studying abroad), Norihiro Yoshimoto, Chihiro Shiiya, and Miao Zheng. We are continuing our research every day with the aim of achieving results that can contribute to the medical care of patients with autoimmune blistering diseases, and results that approach the elucidation of the pathophysiology of autoimmune diseases.

Major research results since 2016


Laboratory Introduction