Privacy Policy

The Department of Dermatology (hereinafter referred to as “the department”), Faculty of Medicine and Graduate School of Medicine, Hokkaido University, has established a system for protecting personal information as follows, and will thoroughly protect and manage said information.

  1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations Concerning the Protection of Personal Information
    The department will comply with laws and other norms concerning the protection of personal information and handle personal information appropriately. 
  2. Collection and Use of Personal Information
    When collecting personal information, the department will explain the purpose of its use and how it will be used, and collect and use it only within the scope of achieving that purpose.
  3. Management of Personal Information
    In addition to the safe management of information systems that process personal information, the department will keep personal information accurate and up-to-date within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use, and take necessary measures to prevent leakage, loss or falsification of information and to appropriately manage personal information.
  4. Protection of Personal Information on Linked Websites
    The department is not responsible for the handling of personal information on websites of businesses or individuals other than those directly linked to this website.
  5. Providing Personal Information to Third Parties
    Personal information collected by the department will not be given to third parties except when the consent of the person in question is obtained in advance or when required by laws and regulations.
  6. Request for Disclosure, Correction, or Suspension of Use of Personal Information
    The department will appropriately deal with requests such as disclosure, correction (including addition and deletion), suspension of use, etc. of personal information by the person in question in accordance with laws and regulations.
  7. Disposal of Personal Information
    Personal information that is no longer needed will be disposed of by the department in a safe and appropriate way.
  8. Changes to the Privacy Policy
    The privacy policy may be altered by the department due to changes in laws and regulations. In addition, the department will review and improve practices in each of the above sections as appropriate.