Graduate School

The essential educational policy of medical graduate school is to awaken graduate students to their social mission as researchers by encouraging and allowing them to conduct research that can be directly applied to clinical settings. So, our research is focused on that which will be directly useful for clinical practice, and fundamental research that can be applied to treatment in the future even if it takes time. We also aim to conduct research that can be disseminated from dermatology to other academic disciplines and the world.

In our department, there are many people who go on to graduate school in the third year of their senior residency (5th year after graduation), but there are some members of the department who go on to higher education at an earlier or later time as our system is flexible enough to allow them to do so.

In conducting research under the guidance of a supervisor, graduate students will learn key fundamentals such as generating research ideas and concepts, performing experiments, analysis and interpretation of results, and writing and submitting papers in English. The themes chosen allow students to learn these steps reliably and are directly related to clinical practice.

The university is currently conducting cutting-edge research focusing on autoimmune blistering diseases, epidermolysis bullosa, skin stem cells, skin barriers, skin malignancies, and hereditary skin diseases (see the “Laboratory Introduction” for details). On the clinical side, there are specialized outpatient clinics for autoimmune blistering diseases, epidermolysis bullosa, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, skin surgery, palmoplantar keratoderma and ichthyosis, and nail diseases, and you can also train in these subspecialties in parallel with your research (see the “Outpatient Care” for details). You can also play a role in various clinical studies.

After graduation, you are free to choose a path that best suits your individual life plan, such as university-based clinical research, working at a related hospital, or studying abroad. We will do our best to help you achieve your goals and hope that many young doctors will join us in our research.