2021.05.01 48th SSSR meeting 2022 was posted
2021.05.01 The election of board member was posted
2020.04.23 47th SSSR meeting has been potponed.
2019.04.01 The election of board member was posted
2018.11.30 47th SSSR meeting 2020 was posted
2017.07.26 46th SSSR meeting 2019 was posted
2016.10.26 44th SCUR meeting 2017 was posted
2016.07.05 7th Joint Meeting with SCUR 2018
in Asahikawa was posted
2014.01.14 41th SSSR, 41th SCUR meeting 2014
was posted
2014.01.14 6th Joint Meeting with SCUR
2012.03.05 40th SSSR, 112th JDA, 40th SCUR
meeting was posted
2010.12.03 38th SCUR meeting 2011 in Brisbane
was posted
2007.10.29 English site open
2005.06.24 Japanese site open