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Chapter 19: Disorders of the Skin Appendages
A. Disorders of the sweat glands

1. Miliaria
2. Pompholyx
3. Bromhidrosis
4. Fox-Fordyce disease
5. Hyperhidrosis
6. Anhidrosis

B. Disorders of sebaceous glands

1. Acne vulgaris
2. Rosacea
3. Rosacea-like dermatitis
4. Lupus miliaris disseminatus faciei (LMDF)
5. Xerosis, Asteatosis

C. Disorders of the hair

1. Alopecia areata
2. Androgenetic alopecia
3. Congenital alopecia
4. Alopecia pityrodes
5. Trichotillomania
6. Scarring alopecia

D. Disorders of nails

a. Color change of nail plates
1. Melanonychia
2. Yellow nail
3. Green nail
4. White nail
5. Subungual purpura

b. Abnormal formation of nail
1. Clubbing
2. Spoon nail
3. Onycholysis
4. Onychomadesis, Nail shedding
5. Pachyonychia
6. Longitudinal groove
7. Transverse groove
8. Nail pits
9. Onychoschisis
10. Ingrown nail

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