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Chapter 1: Structure and Function of the Skin
A. Skin surface

Skin surface

B. Epidermis

a. Structure and cells of the dermis
1. Basal cell layer
2. Suprabasal cell layer
3. Granular cell layer
4. Horny cell layer
5. Other cells

b. Adhesion of keratinocytes
1. Adhesion between keratinocytes

c. Keratinization
1. Keratin
2. Cornified cell envelope
3. Horny layer (stratum corneum) intercellular lipids
4. Exfoliation of horny cells

d. Melanocytes and melanin synthesis
1. Form and distribution of melanocytes
2. Biosynthesis of melanin
3. Melanosome
4. Functions of melanin

e. Langerhans cell

f. α-dendritic cell

g. Merkel cell

C. Dermis

a. Structure of the dermis

b. Interstitial components
1. Collagen fibers
2. Elastic fibers
3. Ground substance, Matrix

c. Cellular components
1. Fibroblast
2. Histiocyte
3. Mast cell
4. Plasma cell
5. Dermal dendrocyte

d. Vascular channels and nerves
1. Blood vessels
2. Lymphatic vessel
3. Nervous system
1) Sensory nerve
2) Autonomic nerves

D. Subcutaneous fat tissue

Subcutaneous fat tissue

E. Appendages

a. Hair apparatus
1. Hair follicle
1) Connective tissue sheath (CTS)
2) Outer root sheath (ORS)
3) Inner root sheath (IRS) 4) Hair bulb
2. Hair shaft
3. Hair cycle

b. Arrector pili muscle

c. Sebaceous gland

d. Sweat glands
1. Eccrine sweat glands
2. Apocrine sweat glands

e. Nail
1. Nail plate
2. Nail matrix
3. Nail fold
4. Nail bed


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