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Recent 30 Departmental Original Publications (2005 - 2016)

1. Nishimura M, Nishie W, Shirafuji Y, Shinkuma S, Natsuga K, Nakamura H, Sawamura D, Iwatsuki K, Shimizu H:
Extracellular cleavage of collagen XVII is essential for correct cutaneous basement membrane formation.
Hum Mol Genet 25: 328-339, 2016.

2. Nishie W, Natsuga K, Iwata H, Izumi K, Ujiie H, Toyonaga E, Hata H, Nakamura H, Shimizu H:
Context-Dependent Regulation of Collagen XVII Ectodomain Shedding in Skin.
Am J Pathol 185: 1361-1371, 2015.

3. Ujiie H, Sasaoka T, Izumi K, Nishie W, Shinkuma S, Natsuga K, Nakamura H, Shibaki A, Shimizu H:
Bullous Pemphigoid Autoantibodies Directly Induce Blister Formation without Complement Activation.
J Immunol 193: 4415-4428, 2014.

4. Saito N, Qiao H, Yanagi T, Shinkuma S, Nishimura K, Suto A, Fujita Y, Suzuki S, Nomura T, Nakamura H, Nagao K, Obuse C, Shimizu H, Abe R:
An annexin A1-FPR1 interaction contributes to necroptosis of keratinocytes in severe cutaneous adverse drug reactions.
Sci Transl Med 6: 245ra95, 2014

5. Ito T, Nishie W, Fujita Y, Abe R, Shimizu H:
Infantile eczema caused by formula milk.
Lancet 381: 1958, 2013.

6. Saito N, Yoshioka N, Abe R, Qiao H, Fujita Y, Hoshina D, Suto A, Kase S, Kitaichi N, Ozaki M, Shimizu H:
Stevens-Johnson syndrome/toxic epidermal necrolysis mouse model generated by using PBMCs and the skin of patients.
J Allergy Clin Immunol 131: 434-41, 2013.

7. Natsuga K, Nishie W, Shinkuma S, Ujiie H, Nishimura M, Sawamura D, Shimizu H:
Antibodies to Pathogenic Epitopes on Type XVII Collagen Cause Skin Fragility in a Complement-Dependent and -Independent Manner.
J Immunol 188: 5792-5799, 2012.

8. Natsuga K, Nishie W, Smith BJ, Shinkuma S, Smith TA, Parry DA, Oiso N, Kawada A, Yoneda K, Akiyama M, Shimizu H:
Consequences of Two Different Amino-Acid Substitutions at the Same Codon in KRT14 Indicate Definitive Roles of Structural Distortion in Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex Pathogenesis.
J Invest Dermatol 131: 1869-1876, 2011.

9. Fujita Y, Abe R, Inokuma D, Sasaki M, Hoshina D, Natsuga K, Nishie W, McMillan JR, Nakamura H, Shimizu T, Akiyama M, Sawamura D, Shimizu H:
Bone marrow transplantation restores epidermal basement membrane protein expression and rescues epidermolysis bullosa model mice.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 107: 14345-14350, 2010.

10. Akiyama M, Sakai K, Yanagi T, Fukushima S, Ihn H, Hitomi K, Shimizu H:
Transglutaminase1 preferred substrate peptide K5 is an efficient tool in diagnosis of lamellar ichthyosis.
Am J Pathol 176: 1592-1599, 2010.

11. Hamasaka A, Yoshioka N, Abe R, Kishino S, Umezawa K, Ozaki M, Todo S, Shimizu H:
Topical application of dehydroxymethylepoxyquinomicin improves allergic inflammation via NF-kappaB inhibition.
J Allergy Clin Immunol 126: 400-403, 2010.

12. Natsuga K, Nishie W, Akiyama M, Nakamura H, Shinkuma S, McMillan JR, Nagasaki A, Has C, Ouchi T, Ishiko A, Hirako Y, Owaribe K, Sawamura D, Bruckner-Tuderman L, Shimizu H:
Plectin expression patterns determine two distinct subtypes of epidermolysis bullosa simplex.
Hum Mutat 31: 308-316, 2010.

13. Shinkuma S, Akiyama M, Inoue A, Aoki J, Natsuga K, Nomura T, Arita K, Abe R, Ito K, Nakamura H, Ujiie H, Shibaki A, Suga H, Tsunemi Y, Nishie W, Shimizu H:
Prevalent LIPH founder mutations lead to loss of P2Y5 activation ability of PA-PLA1alpha in autosomal recessive hypotrichosis.
Hum Mutat 31: 602-610, 2010.

14. Wang G, Ujiie H, Shibaki A, Nishie W, Tateishi Y, Kikuchi K, Li Q, McMillan JR, Morioka H, Sawamura D, Nakamura H, Shimizu H:
Blockade of autoantibody-initiated tissue damage by using recombinant Fab antibody fragments against pathogenic autoantigen.
Am J Pathol 176: 914-925, 2010.

15. Yanagi T, Akiyama M, Nishihara H, Ishikawa J, Sakai K, Miyamura Y, Naoe A, Kitahara T, Tanaka S, Shimizu H:
Self-improvement of keratinocyte differentiation defects during skin maturation in ABCA12-deficient harlequin ichthyosis model mice.
Am J Pathol 177: 106-118, 2010.

16. Ito K, Sawamura D, Goto M, Nakamura H, Nishie W, Sakai K, Natsuga K, Shinkuma S, Shibaki A, Uitto J, Denton CP, Nakajima O, Akiyama M, Shimizu H:
Keratinocyte-/fibroblast-targeted rescue of Col7a1 disrupted mice and generation of an exact dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa model using a human COL7A1 mutation.
Am J Pathol, 175: 2508-2517, 2009.

17. Nishie W, Sawamura D, Natsuga K, Shinkuma S, Goto M, Shibaki A, Ujiie H, Olasz E, Yancey KB, Shimizu H:
A novel humanized neonatal autoimmune blistering skin disease model induced by maternally transferred antibodies.
J Immunol 183: 4088-4093, 2009.

18. Inomata K, Aoto T, Binh NT, Okamoto N, Tanimura S, Wakayama T, Iseki S, Hara E, Masunaga T, Shimizu H, Nishimura EK:
Genotoxic stress abrogates renewal of melanocyte stem cells by triggering their differentiation.
Cell 137: 1088-1099, 2009.

19. Hamasaka A, Abe R, Koyama Y, Yoshioka N, Fujita Y, Hoshina D, Sasaki M, Hirasawa T, Onodera S, Ohshima S, Leng L, Bucala R, Nishihira J, Shimizu T, Shimizu H:
DNA vaccination against macrophage migration inhibitory factor improves atopic dermatitis in murine models.
J Allergy Clin Immunol 124: 90-99, 2009.

20. Ando S, Abe R, Sasaki M, Murata J, Inokuma D, Shimizu H:
Bone marrow-derived cells are not the origin of the cancer stem cells in ultraviolet-induced skin cancer.
Am J Pathol 174: 595-601, 2009.

21. Abe R, Yoshioka N, Murata J, Fujita Y, Shimizu H:
Granulysin as a marker for early diagnosis of the Stevens-Johnson syndrome.
Ann Intern Med 151: 514-515, 2009.

22. Yanagi T, Akiyama M, Nishihara H, Sakai K, Nishie W, Tanaka S, Shimizu H:
Harlequin ichthyosis model mouse reveals alveolar collapse and severe fetal skin barrier defects.
Hum Mol Genet 17: 3075-3083, 2008.

23. Sasaki M, Abe R, Fujita Y, Ando S, Inokuma D, Shimizu H:
Mesenchymal stem cells are recruited into wounded skin and contribute to wound repair by transdifferentiation into multiple skin cell type.
J Immunol 180: 2581-2587, 2008.

24. Murata J, Abe R, Shimizu H:
Increased soluble Fas ligand levels in patients with Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis preceding skin detachment.
J Allergy Clin Immunol 122: 992-1000, 2008.

25. Nishie W, Sawamura D, Goto M, Ito K, Shibaki A, McMillan JR, Sakai K, Nakamura H, Olasz E, Yancey KB, Akiyama M, Shimizu H: 
Humanization of autoantigen.
Nat Med 13:378-383, 2007.

26. Nomura T, Sandilands A, Akiyama M, Liao H, Evans AT, Sakai K, Ota M, Sugiura H, Yamamoto K, Sato H, Palmer CN, Smith FJ, McLean WH, Shimizu H:
Unique mutations in the filaggrin gene in Japanese patients with ichthyosis vulgaris and atopic dermatitis.
J Allergy Clin Immunol 119:434-440, 2007.

27. Sugiyama-Nakagiri Y, Akiyama M, Shibata S, Okano H, Shimizu H:
Expression of RNA-Binding Protein Musashi in Hair Follicle Development and Hair Cycle Progression.
Am J Pathol 168:80-92, 2006.

28. Inokuma D, Abe R, Fujita Y, Sasaki M, Shibaki A, Nakamura H, McMillan JR, Shimizu T, Shimizu H:
CTACK/CCL27 accelerates skin regeneration via accumulation of bone marrow derived-keratinocytes.
Stem Cells 24:2810-2816, 2006.

29. Yanagi T, Shimizu T, Abe R, Shimizu H:
Zinc dental fillings and palmoplantar pustulosis.
Lancet 366:1050, 2005.

30. Akiyama M, Sugiyama-Nakagiri Y, Sakai K, McMillan JR, Goto M, Arita K, Tsuji-Abe Y, Tabata N, Matsuoka K, Sasaki R, Sawamura D, Shimizu H:
Mutations in lipid transporter ABCA12 in harlequin ichthyosis and functional recovery by corrective gene transfer.
J Clin Invest 115:1777-1784, 2005.

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