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2018 Departmental Welcome and Farewell Party

Four promising new doctors joined the department in FY 2017: Dr. Hideyuki Kosumi, Dr. Shoko Mai, Dr. Yosuke Mai and Dr. Takuya Maeda. Leaving the department were Dr. Kana Yasukawa, Dr. Miki Ito, Dr. Satoru Shinkuma and Dr. Erika Watanabe. Dr. Ichiro Tsukinaga, Dr. Kana Yasukawa and Dr. Satoru Shinkuma received the Distinguished Service Award from the department.

Departmental Barbeque Party

The annual barbecue party was held at the inner garden in front of the Medical Department. A senior member of the Koshikai kindly provided great beef for the barbecue again this year. Blessed with good weather, we enjoyed the party and smiled into the evening. It was a great success.

Departmental Beer Party

The annual Departmental Beer Party was held at the annual Odori Park Beer Garden. In midsummer, more than 30 attendees laughed over cold drinks. The party was a great uccess.

Departmental New Year’s Party

The party format was changed in 2018. After the conference of our department, we held a standing party in the same room as the conference. Since the venue was more compact than last year, the department members were able to talk easily and enjoyed talking with food and drink in hand.

Interdepartmental basketball meet

We represented the Department of Dermatology in the inter-departmental basketball tournament. Doctors, most of them young, and nurses from the hospital ward cooperated during the games. Through this event, we overcame our inactivity and interacted with the other participants.

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