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Message from Professor Hiroshi Shimizu

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Prof. Shimizu

It has been ten years since I assumed professorship and chairmanship at Hokkaido University. I feel that these ten years have passed very quickly. At the same time I feel that the years were very long. I’m grateful to be issuing this year’s annual report as the 10th anniversary issue of my professorship here. While editing the issue, I looked back on the ten years of progress and I thought ahead about the next ten years of the Department of Dermatology, Hokkaido University.

The Department has set goals and realized them one by one. The research goals included improvement of the Ph.D.course, and publication ofhigh-level research achievements. Indeed, a majority of the department members have published papers in English. Clinical goals have included improvement in skin surgery and laser treatment, and enhancement of the system for treating inpatients. Writing of dermatology textbooks in Japanese and English and their inclusion on the Department’s website for downloading free of charge were among the educational goals.

The Department’s achievements have gradually increased. As a result, four department members have advanced to become professors at other universities. Each department member has showed a track record of achievement, obtained research funds, and worked even harder than I have. In addition to 54 departmental dermatologists, the co-medical staff has increased to 11 research technicians, 7 secretaries and 3 foreign post-doctoralresearchers. Successful operation largely depends on the hard work of all 75 people who have been working for the Department.

What I feel ten years after assuming professorship is that the Department’s quality has improved through the support of many people. I truly feel grateful to the Department members, co-medical and other staff, and the Koshikai Alnmini members, who have continued to support the Department.

My basic policy for the ten years to come will remain unchanged. I would like to maintain the studious, bright and global environment of the Department, in which new members’ strengths will increase twofold.

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