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Message form the Chairman, 2015 April

Hiroshi Shimizu, M.D., Ph.D.

Prof. Hiroshi Shimizu

 This year, the Department of Dermatology of Hokkaido University marks its 90th anniversary. It has been 16 years since I assumed my chairman here. Senior Associate Professor Riichiro Abe is the only current university member who was here when I arrived. All the others joined after that, which reminds me how time has passed. I believe that the Professor’s mission is to faithfully carry on the fine traditions established by predecessors, to set even higher goals and to realize them.

 The bedrock of a university is science. An environment for fostering first-rate dermatologists is prepared by continuous uncompromising efforts in research and education based on science. What’s important in science is the ability to publish ideas in the international arena. The first half of this journal is basically written in English, which is proof of the department’s ability to communicate in that arena. Articles are also written in Japanese for Japanese readers.

  Each year, I’m the final editor of the articles compiled for the Annual Report. This gives me the opportunity to reflect on the work of the entire department and on my own work throughout the previous year. This editorial work gives me the energy to tackle the new year by further developing the strengths of the department and myself, and by humbly recognizing what needs improvement. The publication of a book has meaning beyond merely its publication. A published book has meaning when it’s read by many people, just as academic papers do. In light of this, I strive each year to make this brochure as easy and fun to read for anyone as possible.

  In ten years, the department will mark its centennial. I’ll be happy if this report successfully conveys to the readers the clear review of efforts towards the future of every member of the department during the past year.

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