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Dermatopathology Teaching

At the Hokkaido University Department of Dermatology, dermatopathology lectures are given for 30 to 45 minutes every Thursday evening as part of the education for residents. By attending a one-year course, residents can understand important dermatopathological findings. In this lecture, residents are taught about significant inflammatory diseases and neoplasms in preparation for the qualifying examination for dermatologists. Students who are interested in this program and doctors in other departments are welcome.

Pathology teaching on cases presented in clinicpathological conference is held at 5 p.m. every Wednesday. At this session, Prof. Hiroshi Shimizu lectures on how to recognize pathological findings and how to make diagnoses.

Download the 'Dermatopathology Teaching' in the annual report 2018, (, 235KB)

Studied items

1 Normal tissues
2, 3 Common diseases
4 Hereditary disorders
5 Disorders with erythematous papules
6 Vascular lesions
7 Disorders with bullae and pustules
8 Collagen diseases
9 Drug eruptions, Photosensitive diseases
10 Granulomatous diseases
11 Degenerative diseases, Metabolic diseases, Adnexa
12 Panniculitis
13 Bacteria, Treponema
14 Fungi, Parasites, Viruses
15 Histiocytoses, Abnormal Pigmentation
16 Pigmented tumors
17 Epidermal tumors
18,19 Tumors of adnexal origin
20,21 Hematological tumors
22,23 Fibrous tumors
24,25 Vascular tumors
26 Tumors of muscles, bones and fat
27 Tumors of the nervous system
28 Metastatic skin Tumors
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