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Dermatological lectures

These lectures are for 4th-year students who are preparing for clinical training. In 2017, as in usual years, 15 lectures, each followed by a test, were given. The lectures were held in June, which was a difference from the previous year. The greatest feature of these lectures is that they aren’t given in a simple, systematic way; they’re given based on the lecturers’ own choices of theme and content. And not only do the staff doctors who lecture evaluate the students by test, but those students also evaluate the lecturing doctors. So the lectures need to be polished up every year. The lectures are among the many ways in which the staff members apply themselves. I expect that these lectures gave many students a clearer vision of what it means to be a doctor and fostered their interest in dermatology.

Download the 'Dermatology Lectures' in the annual report 2018, (, 1.08MB)

Lectures Instructor
From the basics: the structure of skin and the study of exanthema Hiroshi Shimizu
Dangerous skin diseases around us: For people with indoor or outdoor lifestyles Yukiko Nomura
Understanding epidermolysis bullosa: From daily care to regenerative medicine Yasuyuki Fujita
Skin barrier function and atopic dermatitis Toshifumi Nomura
Are nails necessary? The mechanism of skin colour Ken Natsuga
Dermatological surgery: What's it like to perform surgery in the Department of ermatology? Hiroo Hata
Learning about common skin diseases Hiroaki Iwata
Epidermal homeotasis: Understanding from disorders Ken Natsuga
Cutting-edge skin cancer therapies Teruki Yanagi
Modern dermatology: Animal experiments Hideyuki Ujiie
Molecular dermatology: Ichthyosis and palmoplantar keratoderma Toshifumi Nomura
The charm of dermatology: New treatments for psoriasis Yasuyuki Fujita
Life-saving prenatal diagnoses Hideki Nakamura
Autoimmune bullous diseases Hiroaki Iwata
Cutting-edge research on skin cancer, and the new "medical specialist system" in dermatology Teruki Yanagi
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