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Dermatological lectures

As a part of the Clinical Medical Lectures, Dermatology Lectures for 4th-year medical students are given in a weeklong intensive course of 15 lectures. It’s impossible for so few lectures to cover all areas of clinical practice in dermatology. The lectures focus on prompting interest in dermatological science and improving the motivation of students with respect to dermatology by introducing them to cutting-edge clinical and research themes pursued by the Hokkaido University Department of Dermatology. The post-lecture questionnaires revealed that the lecturers, including Dr. Natsuga, who returned from his overseas research stay, gave enthusiastic lectures. Regarding the lectures on individual areas of dermatology, the Dermatology Residency Program, with 39 lectures per year, is given at 5:30PM on Thursdays. It provides resident doctors and students with basic knowledge of dermatological science. As a way of teaching clinical practice, the program is useful not only for Hokkaido University students but also for resident doctors in departments other than the Department of Dermatology. It’s open to all Hokkaido University students and doctors. Feel free to attend the lecture.

Download the 'Dermatology Lectures' in the annual report 2013, (, 688KB)

Lectures Instructor
New dermatology Hiroshi Shimizu
Lethal drug exanthema: How to save the patient from sudden disaster Riichiro Abe
Update on atopic dermatitis: I'll tell you all about atopic dermatitis Toshifumi Nomura
The three observational methods for dermatologists:
Dermatological morphology, dermatopathology and dermoscopy
Yasuyuki Fujita
The wide varieties of skin tumors and the basics of surgery:
What is skin surgery?
Satoru Aoyagi
The leading edge of molecular dermatologic science:
How far we've come! The mechanism of onset of bullous dermatosis
Wataru Nishie
The roles and joys of being a dermatologist: Why I'd like to come back as a dermatologist Hiroshi Shimizu
Life-saving prenatal diagnosis Hideki Nakamura
Diagnose away! Hereditary skin disorders Ken Natsuga
Skin diseases that form bullae: A look at many clinical photos Wataru Nishie
Being physician-scientists through dermatological research Riichiro Abe
New dermatologic surgery originating in Hokkaido Satoru Aoyagi
Up-to-date treatment strategies for hereditary disorders:
The era of curable hereditary disorders dawns!
Toshifumi Nomura
The basics of regenerative dermatology:
How can we treat genetic sikn diseases?
Yasuyuki Fujita
Pathology of skin disorders read from genes Ken Natsuga
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