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Dermatology Clinical Training

Education at university medical departments has shifted from lecture-oriented programs to practical-training-oriented ones since the implementation of the Clinical Training System for Post-graduate Students. At Hokkaido University, 5th-year students receive clinical practice for
two-week terms in each department. For 6th-year students, two long terms (6 weeks per term) of clinical training are given, in which each student chooses two clinical departments. With a view of providing the students with meaningful training in both of these academic years, the
department employs a tailor-made system in which it is possible for each student to set up a training program based on his or her own plan. In addition to the basic program, we have various programs that address the varied needs of students. The long-term clinical training, in particular, provides students with technical skill practice as clerkship students, which was not provided under the former system. Through such training, the students understand the situation of each clinical department and are well prepared to start their two-year clinical training after obtaining their medical license. We have programs in which students join groups of clinical doctors of the hospital ward or surgical team of the Department of Dermatology and acquire experience as staff members alongside working dermatologists. I hope the students will actively participate in clinical practice and will experience productive training in the Department of Dermatology.

Download the 'Dermatology Clinical Training' in the annual report 2018, (, 1.08MB)

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