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Conference of the Department of Dermatology

The Conference of the Department of Dermatology is held on Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. At the conference, active discussions are held by the university doctors, doctors of affiliated hospitals, junior resident doctors and medical students in clinical training programs.
During the first half of the session, which is the clinicopathological conference (CPC), the doctor in charge focuses on an outpatient case and presents clinical photos and skin biopsy samples, and all the attendees discuss diagnoses and treatments. In the latter half of the session, a 30-minute presentation is made on an interesting case. This is called “the case of the week”. The presentations are supposed to be delivered at academic conferences and written up as papers, and they’re also important opportunities in the education of young doctors. There’s time for a review, at which staff doctors deliver presentations on their respective specialties, and time for an overseas meeting report. In addition, special lectures by invited external lecturers are held.
Experts in each area, mainly newly appointed professors from the Hokkaido University and other universities in Japan, lecture on subjects that range from clinical themes to research themes. Please refer to the website of the Hokkaido University Department of Dermatology for the details of the conference.

Download the 'Conference of the Department of Dermatology'
in the annual report 2018, (, 257KB)

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