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Skin Tumors and Surgery (Hiroo Hata, Chief of the Skin Surgery Team)

In 2017, I was too swamped with the responsibilities of heading the medical office at the Hokkaido University Department of Dermatology to have time for the hospital ward. However, Dr. Keisuke Imafuku and Dr. Takuya Maeda helped each other to overcome many difficulties. I’m so proud of these two doctors.

In 2018, Dr. Imafuku, who’s highly motivated, will be dispatched on an inter-institutional exchange to the Tokyo Metropolitan Cancer and Infectious Diseases Center to learn more about malignant skin tumors, and Dr. Imafuku, who has rich experience in clinical practice, will enter the graduate school to get another perspective on medicine. My buddy Dr. Shinya Kitamura, who has finished a two-year research project, has come back to the hospital ward. We look forward to working with young, incoming department members. I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to all the senior doctors in the department, who’ve been referring many patients, and to doctors working at affiliated hospitals.

Fig. 1 Cases of surgical operations in the Dermatology Department

Fig. 2 Surgeries for malignant skin tumors since 2001

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