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Dermatological Surgery

The Dermatological Surgery Team this year has three doctors: Aoyagi, Hata and Homma.
We’re aiming at improving the surgical techniques of the team and the department through participation in surgeries by mid-career medical staff of the ward and promising residents who’ve joined the department this year.

Surgeries using general anesthesia are done on Mondays, and those using local anesthesia are done on Wednesdays and Fridays. The surgeries are done in the Central Surgery Room. Surgeries numbered 775 in 2012, including same-day surgeries done in the surgery room of the outpatient clinic (Table 1). The same-day surgeries that started in April 2010 have been going smoothly.

As the central medical institution of Hokkaido, the University Hospital receives many difficult cases on referral. Many of the referred cases are rare tumors that require complicated high-level diagnoses, surgeries and treatments (Table 2). It’s only natural for patients to place high expectations on such a medical institution. We perform our daily duties with a sense of urgency to meet those expectations.

We are determined to further endeavor in our medical activities, including the following: 1) the maintenance and improvement of our surgical techniques, 2) the provision of highly specialized
education for dermatological surgeons and 3) the provision of basic education to young doctors.

Operation cases in the Dermatology Department

Surgeries for malignant skin tumors since 2001

Surgical methods since 2001

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