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Psoriasis (Yasuyuki Fujita, Associate Professor)

The Special Clinic for Psoriasis of the Hokkaido University Department of Dermatology is open on Thursday afternoons. The patients are mainly those who can benefit from biologics and oral therapies. The series of anti-IL-23 agents will start to be released in 2018. Trends in psoriasis treatments have been steadily changing. Our clinic will have access to all six biologics that have been authorized as of January 2018. We can provide a wide range treatment options to patients who suffer from severe intractable diseases. We can also introduce such patients to the University Hospital’s Medical Liaison Center. However, there are many patients for whom biologics aren’t suitable, for various reasons, so we’re willing to offer oral therapies such as cyclosporine and methotrexate. We can accept patients on hospitalization stays whose purpose is to raise their awareness of external use of topical agents and the disease. It’s possible to make appointments directly through the University Hospital’s Medical Liaison Center. If you encounter any intractable cases of psoriasis at your institution, please feel free to consult with our clinic.

Cases of biologics use at the Outpatient Clinic for Psoriasis and the UV Outpatient Clinic (as of January 2017)

The numbers of patients at the Outpatient Clinic for Psoriasis and the UV Outpatient Clinic since 2008.

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