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Patient Information

The types of medical examination available at the Department of Dermatology are very wide. We examine any kind of skin affliction. We welcome patients with skin disorders who have a letter of
medical history from general physicians or dermatology clinics.

Schedule for outpatient clinics (up-dated on April 1st., 2018)
The dates and time of the outpatient clinics, and the doctors in charge of the clinics as a general rule are as follows. However, the doctors may change without notice. If you wish to see a particular doctor, please check by phone beforehand. Appointment is required for the special clinics.

The clinic hours are generally from 8.30 to 12.00 from Monday to Friday. To make an appointment, please contact the Hokkaido University Hospital.
Telephone: +81.11.716.1161 ext. 5770/5771
Fax: +81.11.706.7820

Days of the week Doctors for New Patients
MONDAY Assistant Professor (Rotating system)
TUESDAY Assistant Professor (Rotating system)
/ Special clinics (Autoimmune Bullous Diseases)
from 13:00
WEDNESDAY Hiroshi Shimizu (Professor and Chairman)
THURSDAY Special clinics (skin surgery, prosiasis, Laser)
from 13:00
FRIDAY Wataru Nishie (Senior Associate Professor)
/ Special clinics (Ichthyosis and Keratoderma, Epidermolysis Bullosa) from 13:00
Special Clinics Doctors for Special Clinics
Genetic Counseling Clinic Hiroshi Shimizu (Professor and Chairman)
Skin Tumors and Surgery Hiroo Hata (Associate Professor)
Psoriasis Yasuyuki Fujita (Associate Professor)
Laser Therapy Yuka Ohguchi
Autoimmune Bullous Diseases Hideyuki Ujiie (Associate Professor),
Hiroaki Iwata (Associate Professor)
Epidermolysis Bullosa Yasuyuki Fujita (Associate Professor),
Ken Natsuga (Associate Professor)
Ichthyosis and Keratoderma Toshifumi Nomura (Associate Professor)
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