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Outpatient Clinic (Hiroaki Iwata, Associate Professor)

  The outpatient clinic for first-visit and revisit patients is open on weekday mornings other than Thursdays. Dermatology specialists whose positions are assistant professor or higher take turns seeing first-visit patients.  University hospitals are distinguished by their special clinics, and ours cover the following: 1) autoimmune blistering disorders (Tuesday afternoons), 2) genetic disorders (Wednesday afternoons), 3) psoriasis (Thursday afternoons), 4) skin surgery (Thursday afternoons), 5) laser therapy (Thursday afternoons), 6) epidermolysis bullosa (the 1st and 3rd Friday afternoons of the month) and 7) ichthyoses and keratodermas (the 2nd and 4th Friday afternoons of the month). For the details of the doctors in charge and the treatments provided by these special clinics, see the pages on which they are individually introduced.  Many patients were referred to our outpatient clinics, with the referrals coming from Koshikai members and various other institutions. I’d like to thank all those who’ve made referrals. We refer patients back to the original institution once the patient is no longer in the acute stage. We’d like to ask those doctors and institutions for their continued cooperation in referring patients to our clinic.

To visit, please make an appointment.
Telephone: +81-11-716-1161 ext. 5770 / 5771
Fax: +81-11-706-7820

Instructions for residents and students at the clinic.

Discussion of dermatopathology.

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