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Laser Therapy (Yuka Ohguchi, Medical Staff)

The Special Clinic for Laser Therapy is open on Thursday afternoons for patients with appointments. The devices there are a Q-switched alexandrite laser and a V-beam. Many patients are newborns on their first visit. As we don’t provide laser therapies that require general anesthesia, we initiate the therapy as soon as possible before babies move actively. Most of the patients are infants or children with ectopic Mongolian spot or infantile hemangioma, or adults with capillary malformation or nevus of Ota. Laser therapies can be effective treatments and can really satisfy patients. But they often take a long time to be effective, and there are limits to the improvements these treatments afford. I realize we need to explain the treatment method and course carefully and to foster relationships with patients and their families so that they understand what we can do for them. We’ll work hard to reassure them so that they have no worries. If you encounter any cases that could benefit from laser therapy, we encourage you to refer them to us.

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