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Ichthyosis and Keratoderma (Toshifumi Nomura, Associate Professor)

The Special Clinic for Ichthyosis and Keratoderma is the newest special outpatient clinic of the Hokkaido University Department of Dermatology, having opened in January 2016. The clinic sees patients on the second and fourth Friday afternoons of each month. I see patients with genetic ichthyoses and keratodermas. I’m determined to provide careful analyses based on skin findings, pathological findings and genetic inspections, using these to make the correct diagnosis. Based on the results of each diagnosis, I administer treatments and give genetic counseling, lifestyle guidance, and assistance in applying to have a condition recognized for special medical care subsidies as a designated intractable disease. I make daily efforts to provide total care properly to patients who suffer from ichthyoses and keratodermas. If you encounter intractable cases of these, please feel free to confer with me. Few clinics in the world specialize in ichthyoses and keratodermas. I aim to make our clinic the finest in the world in this dermatological area.

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