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Genetic Counseling of Inherited Skin Diseases (Hiroshi Shimizu, Professor)

The Special Clinic for Genetic Counseling and Inherited Skin Diseases is a specialized outpatient clinic for all sorts of hereditary skin disorders. Professor Hiroshi Shimizu is in charge of the clinic, which is open on Wednesday afternoons.
 In 1990, the professor opened Japan’s first special clinic for genetic counseling and inherited skin diseases at Keio University Hospital, his previous workplace. He moved to Hokkaido University in 1999 and opened a special clinic for genetic counseling here. He’s been working here ever since.
  Professor Shimizu has seen many patients with intractable diseases that other hospitals and clinics in Sapporo haven’t been able to handle, such as patients with epidermolysis bullosa and ichthyoses, in which he specializes. Recently, the Special Clinic for Epidermolysis Bullosa (Dr. Fujita and Dr. Natsuga) and the Special Clinic for Ichthyosis and Palmoplantar Keratosis (myself) have opened in the Hokkaido University Department of Dermatology. Since their opening, his leadership has been instrumental in making the department a final hope for the treatment of hereditary skin disorders. If you encounter a difficult case of a hereditary skin disorder, I’d be happy to investigate it at this special clinic. I encourage the readers to make referrals.

Type VII collagen staining at the dermoepidermal junction
is used for diagnosing epidermolysis bullosa.

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